Furniture for Offices, Bed and Breakfasts and Other Businesses
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Furniture for Offices, Bed and Breakfasts and Other Businesses

Choosing furniture for your business is a lot different than choosing furniture for your home. You need patterns that can hide stains, designs that can stand the test of time and construction that can withstand lots of use. Hi, my name is Mandy, and I love choosing furniture for businesses. When I was a kid, my parents actually owned a couple of hotels, and I would look through the catalogs with my mum to choose duvets and beds for the hotels. It was super fun, and I wanted to do something like that now, so I decided to create a blog on choosing furniture for your business.


Furniture for Offices, Bed and Breakfasts and Other Businesses

4 Things To Avoid If You Want Long-Lasting Furniture

Constance Hayes

Many people are choosing timber furniture for their homes because it is elegant and can also blend in any environment. However, without proper care, the furniture in your house might not last as long as expected. Below are four things that you should avoid if you expect your wooden furniture to last for a long time.

Putting hot utensils directly on the table

Do you have a habit of putting hot utensils such as cooking pots directly on the surface of your dining table? Wooden furniture items, like timber dining tables, have a shiny varnish to give them the perfect look. However, when you put hot items on a wooden surface, it damages the varnish, which affects the look of your table. Additionally, the hot items can leave permanent marks on the dining table, which affects its aesthetic appeal.

Moving the furniture regularly

Moving your furniture regularly also weakens the joints of your chairs and tables. As a result, items that were expected to last for several years can start shaking after several months of use. You can avoid this problem by placing your furniture in locations where they do not interfere with movement around your house. In this way, the furniture will only be moved slightly when in use, which reduces the chances of weakening the various joints.

Cleaning using wrong materials

There are cleaning agents that are corrosive and have a negative impact on your furniture. If you use some of these agents to clean your wooden furniture, it will gradually corrode the surface. As such, you should make sure that you only use soft cleaning agents whenever you want to clean your furniture. Put a little bit of water on a soft piece of cloth and then gradually wipe the surface of the furniture. If you have stains that are proving difficult to remove, consult professionals to offer guidance on the best cleaning agents to use that will not have a negative effect on your furniture.

Putting heavy items on the furniture

Do you have a habit of placing heavy items on your furniture? An example is when you place electronics or books on one end of your table. Most dining furniture is not built for this purpose and such items gradually weaken your tables and seats. If the items are left on the furniture for extended periods of time, the tables and chairs become weak, and they will not last as long as expected.